[450] Thinking out loud: 2M antenna installation

Bob n1ujs at toast.net
Sun Feb 2 10:41:46 EST 2014


Simplest answer, whatever works.

That being said, Dave, N1SAG, and I did extensive testing on 432 with his
pair of yagis mounted side by side (like mine) horizontally.  He was in a
bit of a pit, and the thought was if he had elevation adjustment he might
be able to manipulate the manner by which his signal propagated over his
"horizon".  In short, he never was able to achieve the desired or expected
results.  His observation was that there was virtually no difference within
the range that "worked"...meaning if he had the elevation anywhere between
just below level up to some angle (don't remember specifically what that
was, he would have a signal and adjustment would not vary the level within
that range.  Outside that range he had nothing.  This is one guy, in one
set of circumstances, but we were both quite frankly surprised.
Further, WA2WEJ had his single yagi on an elevation rotor for vertical to
horizontal excursions, and often adjusted somewhere between to see if there
was ever a circumstance where it would be helpful.  The only time it was
useful was when the need arose to work to differently polarized signals at
once without major degradation.  He found that 45 degrees didn't seriously
attenuate either signal,  Your mileage may vary.  You may even find an
eggbeater may be just the ticket for this one elusive signal, as Tom has
found with the Larry contact.  Berlin Larry has used a stacked "double
diamond" antenna to propagate over a major obstruction and has had decent
results.  Then there is the phenomenon noted while parked at work, all
Waterbury stations pointed at me, and moving 8 inches forward or backward
brings up one and drops out another.

Good luck and let me know how it works out!


On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 9:38 AM, George Andrews <gandrews at ntplx.net> wrote:

> Group,
> My first thought is to direct the question to you Bob. Others may have
> practical experience with the concept.
> I can't reach the Mt. Washington repeater from my house. Apparently I am
> somehow in the shadow of it. My 2M antenna will be 2M9. 9 elements on 14
> feet. One would ordinarily install the antenna such that it is perfectly
> horizontal. I am wondering what the result would be to install it slightly
> off horizontal. Maybe as much as 10 degrees upwardly directed. I do plan to
> research net sources of info on this topic.
> I used a 4 element beam and had fun bouncing signals off airplanes when in
> Seymour CT. Got to a couple of repeaters in NYS off the deck using an HT.
> It takes effort to track the plane, but not impossible for short QSO's.
> Perhaps someone has an EME setup has tried this to see what the impact is.
> George
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