[450] Thinking out loud: 2M antenna installation

George Andrews gandrews at ntplx.net
Sun Feb 2 09:38:50 EST 2014



My first thought is to direct the question to you Bob.
Others may have practical experience with the concept.


I can't reach the Mt. Washington repeater from my house.
Apparently I am somehow in the shadow of it. My 2M antenna
will be 2M9. 9 elements on 14 feet. One would ordinarily
install the antenna such that it is perfectly horizontal. I
am wondering what the result would be to install it slightly
off horizontal. Maybe as much as 10 degrees upwardly
directed. I do plan to research net sources of info on this


I used a 4 element beam and had fun bouncing signals off
airplanes when in Seymour CT. Got to a couple of repeaters
in NYS off the deck using an HT. It takes effort to track
the plane, but not impossible for short QSO's. 


Perhaps someone has an EME setup has tried this to see what
the impact is.



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