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I have 220 in the car and hope to have it in the house in the near future please keep me informed about the 220 group activities. Thanks Charlie N1MUQ----- Original Message -----From: George Andrews Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012 4:32 amSubject: Re: [450] damn shame!To: "144.450 Mailing List" <450 at lists.vhfwiki.com>> Bob/Group,> > I knew it would not take long! It's those damn Obama zombies! > FEMA and CDC tried to warn us about them.> (http://blog.fema.gov/2011/05/from-cdc-preparedness-101-> zombie.html) They are infesting all aspects of life. Now they > are in amateur radio. Lest some think I am making light of Bob's > comment, I am not. How else could one explain such behavior > toward another operator? That is not a rhetorical question. > > Perhaps KA2VAW is on this list. I want to talk to him about ATV. > I am very interested in hearing from someone who has experience > in this area. Bob, if you contact him, please let him know I > want to have an ATV discussion. Anyone else who is interested in > ATV or has experience is welcome to join. > > Perhaps some might be offended by my comments as the perception > might be that I am lacking in political correctness or PC. PC is > very much a social disease, in need of eradication, and I always > do my part to achieve that end.> > A 220 net will start soon on a local repeater followed by a > simplex net. A lot of operators have well developed stations and > others are in process of getting on the band and developing a > station. Whatever you have on the band, you are welcome to join > us! I will post further details soon. Bob (N1UJS) has done some > very extensive work on the band and has created a very useful > repeater directory for us all.It is a great aid in evaluating > your station!> > 73> > George> N1YAE> 
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