[450] damn shame!

George Andrews gandrews at ntplx.net
Sat Feb 11 04:33:02 EST 2012


I knew it would not take long! It's those damn Obama zombies! FEMA and CDC tried to warn us about them.
(http://blog.fema.gov/2011/05/from-cdc-preparedness-101-zombie.html) They are infesting all aspects of life. Now they are in amateur radio. Lest some think I am making light of Bob's comment, I am not. How else could one explain such behavior toward another operator? That is not a rhetorical question. 

Perhaps KA2VAW is on this list. I want to talk to him about ATV. I am very interested in hearing from someone who has experience in this area. Bob, if you contact him, please let him know I want to have an ATV discussion. Anyone else who is interested in ATV or has experience is welcome to join. 

Perhaps some might be offended by my comments as the perception might be that I am lacking in political correctness or PC. PC is very much a social disease, in need of eradication, and I always do my part to achieve that end.

A 220 net will start soon on a local repeater followed by a simplex net. A lot of operators have well developed stations and others are in process of getting on the band and developing a station. Whatever you have on the band, you are welcome to join us! I will post further details soon. Bob (N1UJS) has done some very extensive work on the band and has created a very useful repeater directory for us all.It is a great aid in evaluating your station!


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