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I am only gonna respond to this once, and then I am gonna forget about it cause I don’t wanna  lose an old friend. 

I never said a damn thing insulting to Mike from Danbury. I only said I couldn’t here him. I certainly didn’t blame him for that. I only referred to The other Mike as “our” Mike to differentiate the two. I did not mean it to sound like I was excluding him. Naturally “our” mike has been a part of the group for a while, so I know him better....though I can’t here him to well either!

As for 979  never said a damn thing bad about him, in fact I said what he was doing was cool. I just said I thought it would be better if he was doing his experiments on 10 meters. I feel this way for several reasons, which I did not go into on the air but I will mention here. First there is less interference and noise there, and I mean man- made noise. Secondly, it would inspire more people to get on 10 meters.  After all, if I wanted to stay on 11 Meters and shout with a roger beep and echo at a bunch of mouth-breathing Jersey Shore wanna-bes, I would not have bothered spending all this money on equipment and getting a license.

As for the “Shadow” thing, I admit to being a party to having a little fun at his expense. Look, we are a close knit group (well some of us are) and we get together socially, sometimes beer is involved. If you are thin skinned, perhaps this is not the group for you. I poke fun at myself and encourage others to do so. 

I also do not appreciate You, Bob, sinking to personal insults and mentioning things that others perhaps did not want disseminated to a larger audience. Pot call the Kettle Black Much, Bro?

Ok I am Done.

Lets forget this....

You know who I am, and I am proud to be Me!

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The question was asked (in a sneery fashion)"What is Bob's infatuation with this 979 guy?"

If you had been paying attention, this should be obvious.  
First, the guy loves radio and utilizes it.  He's intelligent , polite, and well spoken.
He commands a following of at least 100 radio-heads (maybe even 200+), all interested in ground wave communications and radio in general.  Of these followers, many have tickets, are in the process of getting tickets, or have jst upgraded their tickets.  All are new to ham radio and have yet to find a niche.  What better opportunity to teach them how to have fun with it and guide them away from repeaters and toward simplex and beyond.  
Again, for THOSE OF YOU HUNG UP ON LICENSE CLASS, one of these guys, Pete from Pearl River, went from no license to Extra in just a few weeks.
Now the way I see it, these are all potential 450 folk, and this "DX Tour" is far more likely to include ham bands if all the followers are already recruited, set up, and running on multiple bands.
As you all know, I take it upon myself to keep the hobby alive, and specifically the 450/simplex part of it.  I have always recruited and attempted to inspire.

That all being said..........after assuring them that ham radio is NOT all stuffy arrogant stuck up CB hating bastards, and that "my friends" on 450 are totally laid back, 'dig what you dig " and "do what you want" kind of hams who would be glad to welcome them into our social events and willing to help them get up and running by sharing knowledge, manpower, etc.,  what will I tell them after they encounter you guys?????????????

Like I said, it's a damn shame.

I'll give you this, you guys are doing a great job of proving my "extra class novice" argument.

For the record, I am not the least bit embarrassed by what I do or do not do in radio.  I know what my accomplishments are and am quite proud of not only what I've learned through the years but also what I have taught.  Bash away....I will continue in the path I have chosen with or without you guys.  Always have, always will.

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