[450] Danburys' Frank Pepes Pizza , a critique.

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....or perhaps a bum-schmuck with SCHMUTZ!!

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critique. My understanding from "those in the know"
who have been to both, is that it is no better, no
worse than the original. Long wait?  Standard at the
original, likely to remain long past the opening, as
those that wait in New Haven would get wind and come
here if the line was shorter. Crust?  I find it
"okay", like the burnt, like the thin, but find the
dough bland. Sauce?  I prefer Sally's or Modern.
Overall, an okay pie, but not worth the wait AND the
ride, so maybe just the wait here will be worth
it....though my recollection is that it is no better
than Carnmenuccio's, and there is no wait there....
I'd love to try your dirty l'il bum-schmuck place
someday though....all the best stuff is in places
like that. No flame from me, we seem to be on the
same page this time!  ----- Original Message -----
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Danburys' Frank Pepes Pizza , a critique.    Never
been to the origional, so can't compare there. Long
wait in a cramped vestibule to start, with a bunch of
other bugs. Seated and asked 3 seconds later what we
want....how 'bout a menu. Medium pie w/ mozzerella(if
you don't specify mozzerella, it only comes with
grated parm.)$11.50.
   Average wait for the pie. Had the burnt crust ends
that is signature to their coal ovens, and thin
crust. Burnt crust tastes like my burnt crust (good)
made on my stone with an oven temp of 550f. First
bite and I thought it was a sweet sauce, after eating
a little more I think it was just a good fruitty
tasting olive oil (in abundance). All in all a pretty
good pie. Special, I don't know. It tastes like a
pizza place I know on Liberty Ave in Queens NY. And
that's a West Indian pizza joint. Would I go again,
sure after the grand opening hub-bub has died down
along with the vestibule wait.
  I guess because I was raised on NY pies, I'm
partial. To me some of those in the Brooklyn Queens
area, one in Greenwich Village, and one in L.I. are
more to my liking. Espesially this one dirty l'il
bum-schmuck place in the shadow of the Whitestone bridge.
Let the flame wars begin.

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