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Well I can't say I wasn't warned. I decided to have the 450D checked at
cesars house on a dummy load, because I thought I was doing something wrong
with the output power being so low and this is what we  Saw - 6 / 15 /
12meters at 12 watts being set at 100 watts --- 10 meters peaked at 80 to
90watts --- Now 20 meters 40 watts peak and went lower to 20watts on
40meters / 80 meters 15watts and 160 meters less than 10. I spoke with the
original owner and he's gonna give me a refund. Now I feel between a rock
and a hard place, as I'm now hooked lol, on getting HF back. Have you heard
anything bad about the FT991A? Would love to get a IC-7300 but for the
price and only HF / 6 meter -Eh... This will mean I have to sell my FT736R,
to combine it with the refund. By the way I ordered another the other 2m7
yesterday to stack, what would you recommend for phasing cables, the prices
I see are crazy, for such short runs. I understand precision is key, but
yikes, heh. Guess you get what you pay for.

On Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 3:32 PM Robert Busino <n1ujs at toast.net> wrote:

> Short answer, yes.  A balun.....converts balanced to unbalanced line or
> vice-versa.  The problem then becomes, what impedance transformation to
> use.  If the balanced line is going to feed the dipole directly, the actual
> impedance will likely NOT be 450 ohms.  Simplest method to determine what
> will work would likely be to feed the balanced line to the balanced line
> connection on your tuner and see how that works on all the key bands.
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>  I would like to switch over to it, for my dipole, instead of using coax,
> is there an connector like a SO-239 to connector with connection to twin
> led ladder line? w2bqe former KC2DYY suggested making a 6 to 8 inch pigtail
> with RG8X. Thoughts.? My 736r is on some call this way on 450 SSB
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