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Short answer, yes.  A balun.....converts balanced to unbalanced line or 
vice-versa.  The problem then becomes, what impedance transformation to 
use.  If the balanced line is going to feed the dipole directly, the actual 
impedance will likely NOT be 450 ohms.  Simplest method to determine what 
will work would likely be to feed the balanced line to the balanced line 
connection on your tuner and see how that works on all the key bands.

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  I would like to switch over to it, for my dipole, instead of using coax, 
is there an connector like a SO-239 to connector with connection to twin 
led ladder line? w2bqe former KC2DYY suggested making a 6 to 8 inch pigtail 
with RG8X. Thoughts.? My 736r is on some call this way on 450 SSB 
--  GMRS - WQTH743

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