[450] An "open" letter

David Garcia wb2rxf at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 10:36:05 UTC 2016

I have no idea whats going on, for the last few months, I've hardly turned
the radio on, in fact only mondays to check in to the nyc-arecs.org net
which, I do volunteer work with its like ares. Anyway because of a medical
issue, I've for the most part isolated myself. I'm on new medication which
helps me just enough to be active & interested in amateur radio again one
day at a time, after 2 1/2 years of trial and error. So that's my story. I
was on the other day, but my dualband mobile radio being Chinese, has a
piss poor front end. Soon enough I'll have my ideal station setup, its in
the works. Probably 6 months off, but I'll make so. I hope things get
resolved, whatever it is on 450. Now time for some coffee, its 6:34 am, in
a few hours I'll be taking my nims exam - google it. Be safe ladies and

On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 5:11 PM, William Knapp / WA1WK <wa1wk at wa1wk.com>

> It seems that Bob and a few select others have stopped communicating with
> the group on 450 - if there *is* even a group  left. I talk with Larry,
> Woody, Charlie, Glenn Shawn and a couple of others. Even then, it's a
> rarity to hear anyone on there.
> If Bob, Dave or anyone else, for that matter was offended by something I
> (or anyone else) said or did that perhaps caused them to vacate 450. I sure
> would like to know about what the fuck happened. I've been talking with Bob
> on the CB, Freeband and then Ham radio for close to 40 years. I consider
> him a friend. He came to check up on me after I was in the hospital a
> couple of years ago. Stuff like that matters. Actually it was pretty funny
> and scared the shit out of me. The back door was unlocked, it had to have
> been after midnight. Suddenly I see Bob looming near me in a dark bedroom.
> It too a minute for my eyes to focus and realize it was him. Just that
> gesture showed that he's a caring person. A person I really miss talking
> with, even if it's about nothing in particular.
> Any and all comments, positive or negative are welcomed.
> Your Friend,
> Bill
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> WA1WK FN31kn
> New Haven County, CT
> ITU Zone 8, CQ Zone 5
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