[450] An "open" letter

William Knapp / WA1WK wa1wk at wa1wk.com
Fri Sep 23 21:11:39 UTC 2016

It seems that Bob and a few select others have stopped communicating  
with the group on 450 - if there *is* even a group  left. I talk with  
Larry, Woody, Charlie, Glenn Shawn and a couple of others. Even then,  
it's a rarity to hear anyone on there.

If Bob, Dave or anyone else, for that matter was offended by something  
I (or anyone else) said or did that perhaps caused them to vacate 450.  
I sure would like to know about what the fuck happened. I've been  
talking with Bob on the CB, Freeband and then Ham radio for close to  
40 years. I consider him a friend. He came to check up on me after I  
was in the hospital a couple of years ago. Stuff like that matters.  
Actually it was pretty funny and scared the shit out of me. The back  
door was unlocked, it had to have been after midnight. Suddenly I see  
Bob looming near me in a dark bedroom. It too a minute for my eyes to  
focus and realize it was him. Just that gesture showed that he's a  
caring person. A person I really miss talking with, even if it's about  
nothing in particular.

Any and all comments, positive or negative are welcomed.

Your Friend,


WA1WK FN31kn
New Haven County, CT
ITU Zone 8, CQ Zone 5

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