[450] Spoke with comet / ngc

David Garcia wb2rxf at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 16:32:50 UTC 2016

I did a search on google, and a very few have an issue, but when it does
happen its a "solder joint" or bad capacitors, I'm borrowing kc2dyys dual
band base comet, and see how that works out, while I wait for the turn
around time. Gonna do it asap before this arctic level cold snap sets in.
Probably wed or thursday. I'm considering in the next few months to get M2s
smallest circular polarized antenna 7ele, I called & asked if I could make
it with a switch for vertical & horizontal use, he explained, all I need to
do call and ask for 2nd driven element. It sounds good on paper, but was a
nightmare when I did so with the 5element beam from K1FO. But I don't have
the space to put 2 vertical and 2 horizontal, because I'd like to do the
same with a 70cm circular polarized beam. Oh well I'll we'll see what
happens when the time comes.

On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 10:59 AM, William Knapp / WA1WK <wa1wk at wa1wk.com>

> Those are typically really good antennas. Sorry you got a bad one and had
> to go through all the trouble to re-pack it, etc.
> Good luck!
> Quoting David Garcia <wb2rxf at gmail.com>:
> They said send it in, they would do a thorough check up on the CX333, the
>> swr is just to erratic. So many great reviews & I got the lemon. Keeping
>> my
>> fingers crossed. Glad I didn't throw the box the masts came in.
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