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Bob n1ujs at toast.net
Sat Jun 6 20:41:25 UTC 2015


Due to shorter mast, expect a drop of roughly an S-Unit.

Semi-scientific testing with George (N1YAE) once upon a time indicated that
while on the same plane (both at relatively the same height ASL) and line
of sight (no notable obstructions) antenna height changes of +/- 5" from
"ideal" (what the antenna saw as 1/2 wavelength spacing from what it
perceived as "ground") there was roughly an S-unit drop noted on the IC-706
meter.  I am now at 33" over the roof of the Jeep as opposed to 39" before.
Impedance dropped 5 ohms, reactance rose 4 points.
No energy to re-tune today, and will likely change the set up to a spring
and a 3/8-24 platform in the future anyway, so I'll probably leave it 'til
it is back at it's permanent and correct height.

Consider this matter closed for the time being.
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