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So this is what I was talking about on the radio. The Royal Canadian Air
Force 5BX Plan (Five Basic Exercises). Developed to be a fast whole body
workout, able to be performed anywhere w/o equipment to keep the RCAF
airmen in peak fitness. Was used extensively from the 60s up until around
the 90s or 2000s or so. For the ladies, look at the bottom of this e-mail.
The RCAF developed a special program just for girls/women called XBX.

Start off with level D- on Chart 1 and work your way up to the target
fitness goal for your age !!

Only takes 11 minutes a day....

Days at a certain level per age group are given. A thorough read gives one
all the info one needs to painlessly progress to proper fitness levels.

Go from couch potato to fit over the next months...

The exercises seem deceptively easy at first - and D- on Chart 1 is...But
the point is a gradual buildup of fitness over time. This way you avoid
injury, soreness, and fatigue. Also every 4-5 weeks, take one week off to
avoid over-training.

Trust me, over the months the intensity builds quickly and this will get
you very fit. These five simple exercises in 11 minutes work most of the
body really surprisingly well...I am really surprised. I didn't buy it at
first, but after doing it for a week now, I can feel all the major muscle
groups of my body telling me it's working. I also notice my lungs and heart
starting to adapt to the aerobic part of the program (exercise 5). I'm at
level C- on Chart 2 for a week now and I can definitely tell it's working...

My final goal is to get to *at least* D+ on Chart 5. So far I like this
program because in the space of a yoga mat on your floor and 11 minutes you
get flexibility, strength, and endurance. The guy designed a pretty decent
program. Some say you need to be careful with some of the more advanced
sit-ups and such to avoid lower back injuries....Be careful and play it by
ear. Yes, the way of doing some of these sit-ups is antiquated and not as
safe as the "new" crunches.

The way I do the counts on the running in place is i take the steps and
divide it by 75...and then I go grab some paperclips or pennies and use
those as markers for each block of 75...So if I have to do 380 steps on
exercise 5...I will grab 5 pennies...Everytime my left foot hits the ground
75 times I move a penny out of my hand to the floor or desk, I do the 10
jumping jacks or whatever for the chart I'm on, and then I start with
another block of 75. After all the pennies are gone, I add in whatever the
remainder of steps I need to hit the total.

It really only does take 11 minutes. It goes super fast. It really gets
your heart pumping and your blood flowing. But seriously, start on D- on
Chart 1, even if it feels like child's play. Because Chart 2 and onward are
way too hard to start with (I found because of aerobic running on exercise
5). For example, I could do the situps, back and leg lifts, and pushups of
level D+ on Chart 2 no problem, but I found that the 380 steps w/ jumping
jacks absolutely destroyed my legs, heart, and lungs. It was too much to
begin with. Slow and steady wins the race!!

Hope someone finds this to be of benefit...and for the ladies, I will
upload the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) XBX program  (10 basic exercises)
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