[450] Cool contact

Bob n1ujs at toast.net
Tue Feb 7 00:25:39 EST 2012

Ooops! Correction, 144 miles.....I was looking at beam heading......

On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 1:10 PM, Bob <n1ujs at toast.net> wrote:

> Just worked my pal Shawn "979" in his mobile parked at Ely Park in
> Binghamton, NY.......291 miles ground wave across some of the toughest
> terrain I ever have to cross radio-wise from this location.  Multiple
> mountain ranges, with Binghamton being in a valley beyond them.  He had me
> S-4 on his TS-50, solid comfortable contact.....I had him S-1 on my TS-850s
> with all filtering engaged, solid and comfortable except for the foregin
> language USB occasionally making it difficult.  S-2 with filters open.
> Suggested he hit up Little Venice for some raviolis and sauce later.......
> Great fun!
> Back to work on the shack.......
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