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Jay... shouldn't there be some extry vowels...A's....Y's... E's.... (take your 
pick) after that  B.

When you coming this way for another bowl of porridge at Sherman's Pie 
Co.?....I'll relay to the buzzard.


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>Just worked my pal Shawn "979" in his mobile parked at Ely Park in Binghamton, 
>NY.......291 miles ground wave across some of the toughest terrain I ever have 
>to cross radio-wise from this location.  Multiple mountain ranges, with 
>Binghamton being in a valley beyond them.  He had me S-4 on his TS-50, solid 
>comfortable contact.....I had him S-1 on my TS-850s with all filtering engaged, 
>solid and comfortable except for the foregin language USB occasionally making it 
>difficult.  S-2 with filters open.
>Suggested he hit up Little Venice for some raviolis and sauce later.......
>Great fun!
>Back to work on the shack.......
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