[450] It's a damn shame.

Bob n1ujs at toast.net
Fri Feb 10 23:55:27 EST 2012

There was a time that 144.450 was known for operators enthusiastic and
knowledgable with regard to the hobby.
Operators and atmosphere offering an alternative to the mindless chatter of
the repeaters and the clique-ish nature of other bands/frequencies, etc.
that tended to discourage new or inexperienced operators from staying
involved in the hobby or learning or growing in it.
New operators were welcomed, encouraged, and the understanding was
generally that without this sort of thing not only would the frequency die,
the hobby would as well.
That being said, I find it sad, discouraging and downright
embarrassing that it has become quite the opposite.
New folks come along and are chased away.  They come to join us socially
and are ridiculed either to their face or later on air.
I am embarressed to hear Mike (KA2VAW) being dissed when the guy is doing
the best he can under extreme cicumstances (cancer and other physical
issues) only to be ridiculed for his lack of signal.  *For those of you who
measure radio prowess by license class, I will remind you that he has held
his advanced license longer than any of you held ANY license*, and has
accomplished more on air than most.......ATV, much of the equipment home
built even, for example.
This is just one example.
For those of you who found such joy in ridiculing "Shadow" when he joined
us socially, have any of you looked in the mirror lately?  Sure he's "odd",
but is there one of us that is not?  Among us, for example, descriptions
include......nerdish, overweight, reclusive and anxiety ridden, even some
paying for internet sex!
I'd say "What makes any of us any better?", but since noone gave him even a
minute of their time, you couldn't answer that anyway.
Those of you ridiculing me personally for my activities, I ask you....what
have you done to encourage new folks into the hobby?  What are you doing to
promote 450 activity specifically and radio activity in general?
I love radio and will follow it where it takes me....where radio is being
done passionately and where it is fun and rewarding.  If that happens to be
MURS, CB, or even modulated laser, so be it.

Further, what one of you have not been the beneficiary (regularly!) of my
"technician class" knowledge, radio enthusiasm, and willingness to help
with any project or need?
For that matter, how much of what you do know did you learn from me?

Rhetorical questions by the way.....

Shame on you.
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