[450] Awesome score! - Toshiba 2SC2570A

John Foege john.foege at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 21:56:53 EST 2012

Hi guys,

Now some of you might not be jumping up and down at news like this, but I
sure am. I just scored 50 2SC2570As. They are a UHF/VHF Low-noise amplifier
NPN BJT....They are for small signal, like preamps in receiver front-ends

Now, on eBay this little baddies around going for $1-$3 dollars a
transistor plus shipping. I managed to score a whole lot of 50 of them from
some obscure distributor somewhere for $0.30 cents a pop.

They have awesome figures.

@ 1GHz they exhibit a gain of 8dB w/ a NF of 1.5dB

@ 100 Mhz they have a gain of around 25dB and should have a NF of < 0.5dB

And the best part is - they aren't some really finicky easy to kill
extremely expensive GaAs FET....

WIN !!!


Here is a link to the datasheet in PDF format:

I can see lots of mast mount preamps being designed, tested, and produced
for every freq band for the whole crew :)

73s de W1QEX
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