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Have heard a big signal on 223.500 in Huntington on HT. Could not get a return. Signal is not great in Seymour. The Isopole probably needs to clear the roof more. Based on receive signal, I don't think he would hear me with the 50W/Isopole. 

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  For those who haven't worked him since the latest changes, Glenn, WB2JAY, has put up the log periodic (essentially a horizontal and pointable version of a discone for 6 meters and up to infinity) and the Comet CX-333 (tri-band, 2/222/440, vertical omni) and has been on to test.
  Results here were very good in general (compared to what he had up anyway) and are as follows:

  The log:

  6m FM- full scale even at lowest power
  6 meter AM/SSB just over S-9 at full power    
  222- I don't have horizontal to test with, but still audible on the stick
  440- nobetter than the stick even when on my 19 element horizontal.  This MAY be because I am pointing through all my antennas to get to him on that antenna.
  2 meters- great improvement over vertical.  Will be interesting to see how Woody or Larry can hear him now.

  Triband omni-

  222- even at lowest power, substantial signal    
  440- about S-8 to my stick with preamp on    
  2 meters- at least as good as before, likely better to most.

  If you guys get a chance, hop on and give him a report across the bands.


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