[450] back to square one...

Bob N1UJS at toast.net
Sun Apr 4 17:23:40 EDT 2010

Antennas that WERE up are now all BACK up, however with only minor improvement.  
Too much stuff, not enough mounting locations.
None the less, the weak link on the center structure now might very well be the tiny tower itself as it is heavily laden in an effort to make it bigger.
Improvements were as follows:
Main mast out of the tripod went from 6 feet of 1.25" conduit to 10 feet.  This lends an extra support to the rotating mast.
Doubled the thrust bearings.  One at the top of the conduit, one in the middle.  This also further supports the rotating mast.  The crossboom for the 6 meter array is just above the top bearing (by a few feet).
Changed out the 1.25" aluminum pipe formerly acting as the 15' rotating mast with a sleeved and bolted 1.25" Radio Shack style 10' and 5' steel mast.  Stronger, less springy, but heavier.
Still on top is a 10" length of 1" aluminum pipe with the loops on it.  This is the proverbial "straw" in the camel's back scenario.  Without it, all is solid.  With it, even the steel modified structure has "some" sway.
So the battle continues...........
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