KB1FSY daily sched for this week

David McKenzie kb1fsy at vhfwiki.com
Tue Jun 16 21:04:28 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I will be commuting off and on to Schenectady, NY for the next 3 months or
so, and currently have the FT-290RII and the RF Concepts brick in the car
along with the loop. I worked KC1WJ from I87 just south of 90 (I wasn't
paying attention to the 90/87/90 interchange) and then sporadically until
Lee, Mass when I turned onto Rt 20. I'm going to be operating FM in the
morning on 144.450 from about 7am to 7:30am (Waterbury to Winstead) and then
USB on 144.450 or 144.200 for the rest of the drive until about 9am. I will
repeat this journey in reverse starting around 4pm or 5pm. An rough timeline
for anyone interested in trying to track me:

7:00: Waterbury, CT
7:30: Winstead, CT (about 30 miles north of Waterbury)
7:45: Otis, Mass
8:00: Lee, MA
8:20: NY/MA Border
8:45: I87N

I'll send an email for the reverse trip when I know i'm leaving so if anyone
is getting home from work and i'm going through mass they can try to track
me if interested...

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