[450] KB1FSY daily sched for this week

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Obviously the return trip will be my only shot at this, so if you can lay the schedule out for 
that it would be cool....I'll try to be around (given good forecasts...I hate plugging and 

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 Hello everyone,

I will be commuting off and on to Schenectady, NY for the next 3 months or so, and currently have 
the FT-290RII and the RF Concepts brick in the car along with the loop. I worked KC1WJ from I87 
just south of 90 (I wasn't paying attention to the 90/87/90 interchange) and then sporadically 
until Lee, Mass when I turned onto Rt 20. I'm going to be operating FM in the morning on 144.450 
from about 7am to 7:30am (Waterbury to Winstead) and then USB on 144.450 or 144.200 for the rest 
of the drive until about 9am. I will repeat this journey in reverse starting around 4pm or 5pm. An 
rough timeline for anyone interested in trying to track me:

7:00: Waterbury, CT
7:30: Winstead, CT (about 30 miles north of Waterbury)
7:45: Otis, Mass
8:00: Lee, MA
8:20: NY/MA Border
8:45: I87N

I'll send an email for the reverse trip when I know i'm leaving so if anyone is getting home from 
work and i'm going through mass they can try to track me if interested...


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