[450] ADS-B receiver

David McKenzie dmckenzie at gmail.com
Tue May 24 00:53:22 UTC 2016

I moved the receiver and antenna outside this evening to see how the
range improves. It is only right above the peak of the roof and the
antenna is about 12-18" from the conduit holding the CX333, but it is
hearing pretty well so far.

If anybody is interested in seeing the live plots reply privately and
I'll share the URL. I just don't want it getting cached by the google.


On 5/23/2016 12:45 PM, David McKenzie wrote:
> After a few days logging ADS-B and mode-s transponders from aircraft
> overhead here's how it hears. The antenna is in the attic directly
> conencted to an "airspy mini" sdr dongle (99 bux, 6ish MHz bandwidth
> very nice, rx only). It's a homebrew colinear made out of 11cm sticks of
> rg58.
> https://i.sli.mg/jpLLLM.png
> https://i.sli.mg/SqYRri.png
> The range circles are 20 miles each, red is 30,000ft+, purple is
> 20k-30k, dark green is 10-20k and light green is under 10k. From inside
> the attic it can pretty much hear every takeoff and landing at oxford
> but I lose planes into bradley under about 4000 feet.

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