[450] Sex, Lies and EchoLink

Vincent Grosso vinnie at vinnievision.com
Tue Jan 26 22:47:09 UTC 2016

Great to hear everyone this weekend on the air !!
Have a question on Echolink -- I can make a  connection to the Echolink 
server -- and I found K1FSY-L, but it refuses my connection. In fact all 
of the other nodes I've tried refuse my connection.
Is it me?
Is it bad breath?
Did my old girlfriends tell them about me?
Please advise.


PS: William got me this far, doesn't seem to be the router, and behaves 
the same way on the I-Phone on 4G
( I'm thinking its my old redhead girlfriend Lisa, I think she told 
EchoLink about what happened on Bourbon St. one night)

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