[450] I'm working on getting a new rig

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HRO has sales going this weekend including the 7100 and ts2000

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Sorry to hear about your radios crapping out, I heard about the 10 meter debacle. On the flip side, I'm looking to purchase a decent radio this time around, the FT100D was / is a tease, as its started to crap out after 7 months, no transmit on 70cm, barley 10watts on 2 and about the same on hf & 6meters and the mic sticks, its been almost comical, like in the cartoons when they start to drive the car off the lot and parts start falling off. That being said I might throw some money into it in the fall or sell it for parts, it receives well, I listen quite a bit on 20,40 & 80 meters during the evenings and weekends. This time around I really don't wanna buy someones headaches, so this time I'm gonna hold out for a 7000, 847, TS2000, FT991 or something similar. I have a budget of 1k, if I have to wait it out, I'll do 1.5k, that'll be the top of the mark and end up with a new rig. My thanks everyone for their input and in advance to anyone who hasn't chimed in yet.

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I've never had my hands on an IC-7000, so I can't say.  What I will say is that Shawn (N2DXT) has one, and honestly I find it very tough to hear him in FM or SSB....I guess the power is there, but the "umph" is not.  Could just be adjustments.  If I owned one, I'd likely get it kicking.  On the good side for that rig, I have listened to many of the videoed contacts I was there for or a part of, and it would seem the RX is fairly impressive.
The 706 I have been able to get to do everything I want it to very well.  That too took some adjusting, but if you consider the beating my stuff goes through, and how long I've been running it, it has done very well.  I am just now starting to have an intermittent issue with the TX, I must smack it from time to time.  Dirty relay?  Cold solder joint?  Don't know yet.  In fairness to it though, two other radios have crapped from sitting in the basement as well....the Kenwood TS-850 just quit on TX...haven't figured it out yet, but happened just sitting...the Workman 220 rig did the same, but that was a bad solder joint on a doublesided board...ruined it trying to find it.  Neither had been in service as long as the Icom, and the Icom hasn't quit yet.


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Which should I get? The ic7000 or 706 M2G. I can't go back to a mono-band. I'm open to suggestions.

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