[450] I'm working on getting a new rig

William Knapp / WA1WK kc1wj at kc1wj.com
Thu Sep 3 14:28:07 UTC 2015

  I have a 706 mk2g. It's been a decent radio. I've had it for about 15
years. It's had a few issues - which I've been able to figure out and
repair myself. Depending on what you have to spend, I'd go for the 7000 or
if you have a bit more cash, the 7100. The 706's are going on the used
market for 500 bucks, which isn't a bad price for a rig that will go from
160m-70cm. I use mine every day. The only worrisome thing with me is that
it gets hot. Hot, even when it's just sitiing squelched on recieve. I guess
this is typical of these radios. Again, I guess it depends on what you have
to spend, or want to spend.

Quoting David Garcia <wb2rxf at gmail.com>:

> Which should I get? The ic7000 or 706 M2G. I can't go back to a
> mono-band. I'm open to suggestions.
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