[450] Antenna project vs. Rain.

William Knapp / WA1WK kc1wj at kc1wj.com
Sun Oct 25 14:49:55 UTC 2015

I'm tentative about doing the antenna project today. It's been raining  
but there seems to be some clearing right now, but it looks like it's  
going to rain again this afternoon. I think we're in sort of a holding  
pattern. Let's see what happens.
There's always next week-end.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of my new mobile installation.

Radio Shack 10m on the bottom, Chinese 2m/440 -- its mounting bracket  
is bolted to the case of the 10m. It weighs next to nothing, so no big  
deal. Short bolts, lock washers and nuts. Good visibility from driving  
position and it doesn't effect the passenger's leg room.

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