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Everything you need to build it from git should be on there already, but
expect it to take a long time to compile :)

On 11/3/2015 1:21 AM, John Foege wrote:
> The link is back up for testing.
> RF input side audio has been *significantly* improved.
> TX audio out from internet still sounds great playing through the
> integrated broadcom soundcard.
> I believe the PTT line issue is solved now. It seemed to be RF getting
> in via the BUSY/RECEIVING data line coming out of the radio back to the
> raspberry pi. A partial fix was to wrap this line 10-20 around a ferrite
> core. This seemed to solved the instability issue about 80% of the time.
> As an added measure, I placed a pull-up resistor on the PTT line on the
> raspi side from +5V board input to the PTT line output on the ULN2003A
> driver. This should help to force the PTT line to a determinate state
> and should solve the intermittent PTT line issue 100%.
> We tried moving both input and output audio streams to the attached USB
> sound card, and this worked, however the USB sound card had noticeably
> inferior output audio (read clock noise), and thus we switched back to
> the raspi's integrated broadcom sound card for output audio, while
> retaining the attached USB sound card for input audio (from the radio
> back to the raspi).
> Next steps will be:
> 1) Complete backup of SDCARD image 
> 2) Backup of svxlink conf files (git or svn repo)
> 3) Extensive testing of link in current configuration
> 4) Download and compile latest svxlink binaries and start w/ a simple
> vanilla conf w/ no extraneous bullshit
> 5) Documentation
> 6) Stacked loop install and testing
> Anything I miss? Any input, comments, feedback, etc?
> What calls need to be added that are not currently in there? Or calls
> that need to be modified?
> I will follow w/ most current access list.
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