[450] Do you know what this is?

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First, I did not post this. Second, I am providing
information on what I see from the picture. The cabinet on
the left is Harris equipment, but that does not identify the
object in question. As someone else said, it could be a
dummy load. It could be a test chamber. I can't tell from
the photos. I thought my comments might help someone else
identify it. 


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Well..what's the answer then? Or are you waiting for more

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It is part of a high power rf set up. Note the flat copper
sheet on the ground. That is to make sure that the cabinets
of everything is at the same potential keeping operators
from becoming crispy critters. It is hard to tell, but that
could be a high power wave guide. I have seen similar wave
guides in MW microwave operations. I can't see enough to
determine any more.


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yes its radio related...

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