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Fri Feb 7 12:46:15 EST 2014

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Helicopter to string wires for CL&P power line project

MIDDLEBURY -- Weather permitting, a helicopter will be in the sky  
between Tower Road and Interstate 84 on Saturday and Sunday to string  
wire for a power line replacement project by Connecticut Light & Power  

The 1990 Line Rebuild Project includes replacing aging lattice-style  
transmission towers and wires along 21 miles between the CL&P  
substation off Route 8 in Watertown and the Stevenson Dam on the  
Housatonic River in Monroe. The project is estimated at $70 million.

A helicopter will be used from the area of Tower Road across  
Interstate 84 and into Waterbury to string the new line. CL&P  
officials said using a helicopter decreases the time it takes to  
string the wire, and allows workers to bridge sensitive areas like  
wetlands and road crossings.

Officials will coordinate with the state Department of Transportation  
and state police to stop traffic while the wire is pulled across the  

After the wire is strung, CL&P has proposed to use "imploding splices"  
to connect the lengths of wire. The proposed location for the  
implosions is 146 Tower Road in the CL&P right-of-way.

The process creates a sound similar to a loud clap of thunder, CL&P  
officials said.

The proposal is to do six implosions between Sunday and Feb. 15, and  
three more between April 14 and 19.

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