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From: Kristina A. Lynch <Kristina.A.Lynch at dartmouth.edu>
Date: Sun, May 19, 2013 at 5:28 PM
Subject: RE: Mystery QRM (2)
To: Max Fagin <maxfagin at gmail.com>, "David G. McGaw" <
David.G.McGaw at dartmouth.edu>
Cc: "Eric W. Hansen" <Eric.W.Hansen at dartmouth.edu>, "Yorke J. Brown" <
Yorke.J.Brown at dartmouth.edu>, "Maxwell H. Fagin" <
Maxwell.H.Fagin at dartmouth.edu>, Bob <n1ujs at toast.net>, "Todd S. Anderson" <
Todd.S.Anderson.14 at dartmouth.edu>

Dave, Eric-
Please relay my apologies to the group who were disturbed by our
We use the ham radio as our backup telemetry system on our research
for about 2 hours once or twice a year;  we have been doing this for
approximately five years.  It is possible that Amanda Slagle (who graduated
last year) was in the habit of telling Dave McGaw ahead of time?  And this
protocol got slipped since she left.  We can certainly be sure to let Dave
in the future, if that would be helpful.  Also, now that our DNT system is
we could significantly drop the data rate on the backup ham transmissions
if that
would be helpful.  Please let me know.
Kristina Lynch
Dartmouth Physics/GreenCube Faculty Mentor

*From:* Max Fagin [maxfagin at gmail.com]
*Sent:* Sunday, May 19, 2013 3:02 PM
*To:* David G. McGaw
*Cc:* Eric W. Hansen; Yorke J. Brown; Maxwell H. Fagin; Bob; Todd S.
Anderson; Kristina A. Lynch
*Subject:* Re: Mystery QRM (2)

  The interfering transmission on 144.440 MHz was coming from the GreenCube
6 balloon payload which was in the air over Mt. Washington from 10:30-12:30
this morning.  The flight is over, and there will be no more transmissions
on that frequency today. Todd and Kristina (cc'ed) are the lead
investigators on the payload, and should be contacted with questions about
the transmissions.


On May 19, 2013, at 2:21 PM, "David G. McGaw" <david.g.mcgaw at dartmouth.edu>

 Hi Eric,

It is possible that Yorke and Max have a packet transmitter on their
research balloons.  If so, they need to check frequencies beforehand AND
have to contact you as the trustee of W1ET or me as the officer of record
before using the callsign.

Yorke, Max?

David N1HAC

On 5/19/13 1:32 PM, Eric W. Hansen wrote:

Interesting hypothesis.  Any ideas?


  From: Bob <n1ujs at toast.net>
Date: Sunday, May 19, 2013 1:18 PM
To: Eric Hansen <eric.w.hansen at dartmouth.edu>
Subject: Re: Packet transmissions

  Some have suggested it might be a weather balloon?  In any case, it
ceased transmitting about an hour ago.

 Thanks for looking into it.

 Bob N1UJS

On Sun, May 19, 2013 at 1:08 PM, Eric W. Hansen <Eric.W.Hansen at dartmouth.edu
> wrote:

>  That is really strange.  Our repeater operates on 444.950, and that's
> the only source of transmission I am aware of.  We haven't operated packet
> for years.  I will forward your message to some other people who can help
> track this down and get back to you if I find anything out.
> Thanks for the heads up.
>  Best,
> Eric Hansen
>   From: Bob <n1ujs at toast.net>
> Date: Sunday, May 19, 2013 11:25 AM
> To: Eric Hansen <eric.w.hansen at dartmouth.edu>, ham radio club <
> ham.radio.club at dartmouth.edu>
> Cc: 450 <450 at lists.vhfwiki.com>
> Subject: Packet transmissions
>      To whomever it may concern,
>  There are strong packet transmissions being sent on 144.440 that are
> identified by the W1ET call sign.  They are causing a bit of a disturbance
> to a large group of operators on 144.450.  I imagine this is unintended, as
> the last time something like this happened it turned out the transmissions
> were intended for a frequency 600 khz higher, but the operator had
> inadvertently pushed the "shift button".
>  Could you please check your station and see if it is responsible?
>  Here is a copy of the transmission:
> *W1ET*>WIDE1-1>WIDE2-1>APOT21 <UI>:/150425h4403.66N/07114.**84WO-19C Good
> fix 5 Seconds*
> *W1ET*>WIDE1-1>WIDE2-1>APOT21 <UI>:/150430h4403.55N/07114.**74WO/A=041788-20C
> Good fix 5 Seconds*
> *W1ET*>WIDE1-1>WIDE2-1>APOT21 <UI>:/150436h4403.44N/07114.**66WO/A=041928-20C
> Good fix 5 Seconds*
> *W1ET*>WIDE1-1>WIDE2-1>APOT21 <UI>:/150448h4403.20N/07114.**47WO/A=042230-20C
> Good fix 5 Seconds*
> *W1ET*>WIDE1-1>WIDE2-1>APOT21 <UI>:/150454h4403.08N/07114.**40WO/A=042363-20C
> Good fix 5 Seconds*
> *W1ET*>WIDE1-1>WIDE2-1>APOT21 <UI>:/150500h4402.96N/07114.**34WO/A=042468-20C
> Good fix 5 Seconds*
> *W1ET*>WIDE1-1>WIDE2-1>APOT21 <UI>:/150506h4402.84N/07114.**28WO-20C Good
> fix 5 Seconds*
> *W1ET*>WIDE1-1>WIDE2-1>APOT21 <UI>:/150512h4402.76N/07114.**22WO-20C Good
> fix 5 Seconds*
>  It has been suggested that the actual transmission bothering us may be a
> "retransmission" of your signal by an "unknown station", however the only
> call sign in the transmission is yours.
>  The signal I am receiving is quite strong (40-60 over s-9 to a phased
> pair of 10 elements) in the direction of roughly 20 degrees from my
> location in Newtown, CT, and appears to be horizontally polarized.
>  Thank you for any assistance you can provide us in this matter.
>  Bob N1UJS
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