[450] Link loops progress

Thomas Moore piper925 at att.net
Wed Jun 5 20:46:57 EDT 2013

God don't solder.....when I had the loops on the center of the roof, you 
couldn't give me enough kudos on the thing....there's the harness, or you're 
choice of 3....or do it your self


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Thanks Tom, but even if God himself made 'em, and brother Larry of the 
Middletown Church of HF blessed 'em, I would never be certain when the system 
craps out that it ain't the harness unless I make every connection myself.  I 
also need more practice....I still don't have a guaranteed method to insure 
resonant lines yet....hoping to get it right this time.
Besides, when the ultimate test pole goes up you'll be needing them to put all 8 
of your loops together!

On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 3:32 PM, Thomas Moore <piper925 at att.net> wrote:

>How 'bout a complete harness.  I made 3 sets when I had the 4 stacked loops. 
>Test them with your MFJ gizmo.
From: Bob <n1ujs at toast.net>
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>Subject: [450] Link loops progress
>I got the frozen set screws out.
>Made new ones out of cheap rotor mounting studs....cut off a 1/2" times two and 
>3/4" times two off the studs at the screw driver slotted ends and beveled the 
>other ends with the grinder.
>Bent both mangled loops back to a nice level square.
>I will polish up the connections, make a harness and mount assembly, and tune 
>them flat for 450 shortly.
>If no one pops up with connectors and reducers, I will order some.
>How 'bout
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God don't solder
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