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It sounds like somebody has been watching Duck Dynasty, but maybe necks are
blue instead of redJ. I am up to my ears in packing and will be leaving the
end of the month. If not, I would certainly lend a hand. Demo work can be
fun. Know any ex-military that can get primer cord or equivalent. Oops, NSA
is watching! That will definitely work and is low risk. Some number of moons
ago there was a Huffy bicycle event that involved a contest to see how far
someone could toss a Huffy. It was a long time ago, but I vaguely recall
disassembly of a Huffy by a similar method. All kidding aside, SawzAll or
small easily handled chain saws (depending on the dimensions of the wood)
and a careful analysis of the design of the tree house to know where to cut
first/last. I would tie ropes to it to encourage the fall in an appropriate
direction. Perhaps two lines with a come along in each line would be good


Back to the subject line; tell me more about the link concept. I will have
170 W on SSB/FM 2 M when I get the station set up. It might be about 200 mi
air distance. I have a bit over 800 ft. elevation and a big lake that might
serve some useful propagation purpose. I will try to communicate back to CT
on 450 once I am in New Hampshire and have the station up. I will probably
have HF before VHF as that is easier to set up.




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My Dad was cool with the link being permanently installed @ the East
Mountain location....The hurdle was going to be my mom.

My mom agreed, but she said only if the 450 guys would pitch in to demolish
the 23 year old tree house that just doesn't want to quit.....

M80s strapped all around and remote detonated anyone?


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There it is in all its hacked up glory

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