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This popped up on the VHF list...the Cadillac of 220 amps!  Who is going to
grab it?

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I have a W6PQL ... Jim Kiltzing  222 Mhz. Solid State... 1 Kilowatt
linear amplifier it 3 mouth old. It was custom built for me with the

1. Dual meters.... PA Voltage / PA Current

 2. Built in Receive LNA switch on front panel... sends 12 volts up to
lna off the rear BNC jack via coax to lna on tower.

 3. Built in Sequencer... delay works with the LNA switch...

 4. RF blocking board to protect the LNA.

 5. Laser etched front panel.

 6. High Temp... Load Fail... High SWR... protection.

 The amp is set up to take 20-25 Watts of drive.
It runs on 50 volts dc... Jim sell a nice switching power supply for

 The only reason I selling it is not enough 222 MHz. around here. Great
amp for EME.
It will come with the DC cord, full manual  and general wiring prints...
They sell new for $2700.00 and a 6 week built time.
 $2400.00 plus shipping and insurance.  It as New.

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