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Bob n1ujs at toast.net
Thu Jan 26 18:19:13 EST 2012

In case anyone is interested.

Hey George..pass on to KA1A perhaps?

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Subject: [VHF] 222mhz Xverter and Amp
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I have the following 222mhz equip for sale. All in excellent working and
physical condition.

TE system Model 2212GN amplifier. Less than 1yr old probably less than an
hour of operating time. 25-45w in 130-150w out. Total cost was $491 will
sell for $400.

DEM L222-28CK 25w transverter. Less than 1yr old Set up for separate IF in
and out. This can be changed for common IF in and out. IF input presently
set up for 1-250mw. $340.
Will sell both with associated wiring for $700.

Prefer local pick-up so it can be demoed, or can meet on the air for check
out. Shipping extra...

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