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Rich, Maybe I will surprise you all one day I do happen to love wings the food and the old show. I still like to be invited and who knows....Not until after April 1st, I am in a weight loss pool at work and there is a lot of money riding on it. But maybe in the not so distance future...Thanks. Charlie ----- Original Message -----From: Rich Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012 10:20 amSubject: Re: [450] AND FURTHER......To: "144.450 Mailing List" <450 at lists.vhfwiki.com>> Charlie;> > Please don’t be a stranger....we could use another voice of > reason on the frequency, We miss you....even though you never > come out for wings!> > And just to let everyone know, if for some reason Bob or others > decide to not put this misunderstanding behind them, I for one > will still be on 450. This frequency does not belong to anyone > in particular, and I enjoy talking to my friends here.> > Lets hope this is the end of this here and now.> > Rich> > > > From: n1muq at optonline.net > Sent: Saturday, February 11, 2012 6:52 AM> To: 144.450 Mailing List > Subject: Re: [450] AND FURTHER......> > Bob, if you get frustrated and fade somewhere in the ether > please send me an e-mail so I can find you, you have and I am > sure always will be a good friend, who has taught me a great > deal more than I thought I could have ever learned about this > hobby and I always want to keep in touch.Charlie N1MUQ> > ----- Original Message -----> From: Bob > Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012 3:58 am> Subject: [450] AND FURTHER......> To: 450 <450 at lists.vhfwiki.com>> > > The question was asked (in a sneery fashion)"What is Bob's > > infatuation with> > this 979 guy?"> > > > If you had been paying attention, this should be obvious.> > First, the guy loves radio and utilizes it. He's intelligent , > > polite, and> > well spoken.> > He commands a following of at least 100 radio-heads (maybe > even > > 200+), all> > interested in ground wave communications and radio in general. > > Of these> > followers, many have tickets, are in the process of getting > > tickets, or> > have jst upgraded their tickets. All are new to ham radio and > > have yet to> > find a niche. What better opportunity to teach them how to > have > > fun with> > it and guide them away from repeaters and toward simplex and beyond.> > Again, for THOSE OF YOU HUNG UP ON LICENSE CLASS, one of these > > guys, Pete> > from Pearl River, went from no license to Extra in just a few weeks.> > Now the way I see it, these are all potential 450 folk, and > this > > "DX Tour"> > is far more likely to include ham bands if all the followers > are > > alreadyrecruited, set up, and running on multiple bands.> > As you all know, I take it upon myself to keep the hobby > alive, and> > specifically the 450/simplex part of it. I have always > > recruited and> > attempted to inspire.> > > > That all being said..........*after assuring them that ham > radio > > is NOT all> > stuffy arrogant stuck up CB hating bastards, and that "my > > friends" on 450> > are totally laid back, 'dig what you dig " and "do what you > > want" kind of> > hams who would be glad to welcome them into our social events > > and willing> > to help them get up and running by sharing knowledge, > manpower, > > etc., what> > will I tell them after they encounter you guys?????????????*> > > > Like I said, it's a damn shame.> > > > I'll give you this, you guys are doing a great job of proving > my > > "extraclass novice" argument.> > > > For the record, I am not the least bit embarrassed by what I > do > > or do not> > do in radio. I know what my accomplishments are and am quite > > proud of not> > only what I've learned through the years but also what I have > > taught. Bash> > away....I will continue in the path I have chosen with or > > without you> > guys. Always have, always will.> > > > > -----------------------------------------------------------------> ---------------> _______________________________________________> 450 mailing list> 450 at lists.vhfwiki.com> http://lists.vhfwiki.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/450> 
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