[450] One man gathers...

Thomas Moore piper925 at att.net
Fri Feb 17 21:56:13 EST 2012

...what another man spills. (St. Steven for you non-Deadheads).

I have about 16 months worth of QST magazines that have to go. They are fairly 
recent, I only pulled a few of interest that I'm keeping. I used to put these on 
the MARS table pro bono...that went away.

I can bring them to Southington if anyone has a hankerin',  recent issues of 
guitar player also. Let me know, don't wanna haul them if'n I don't have to.

Seems I opened a can of woims here...the xyl wants to ask about unloading 
paperbacks and hardcovers.  Former bestsellers, I guess the genre would be 
mystery/thriller/fiction. Let me know.

Dave...got some food for your "egg".

So, is anyone planning to go to the Southington, or is everyone still pissed off 

Bob, Rocky may come along with me as he is interested in "getting back into it". 
All his stuff was ruined in the flood some years (15) ago. Needs all new stuff 
and just wants to look around. I know you and he talked back then, but never 
eyeballed, be kinda interesting.
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