[450] Awesome RF score!!!

John Foege john.foege at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 19:14:01 EST 2012

Check it out....

For 3 Euro per board (lots of really expensive, salvageable RF parts on
here) this is the most insane RF deal I have ever found. Just the 4 ultra
low noise microwave GaAs FETs on here would normally be very, very
expensive on their own. You get 4 for 3 Euro....This price can NOT be

Check out the write up for the board and then the site to get your hands on
them...I'll be ordering a bunch.

Merry RF Christmas!!




And yes, it's 3 EUR and not 3000 - the comma is the way the Europeans
delimit between dollars and cents....major major score!!

These are some of the highest gain lowest noise FETs ever - and not only
that, but normally to get a really low noise figure you run FETs @ around
5mA or less. At these low bias currents, however, their IMD performance
goes way down and they are more sensitive to overload from adjacent strong

However this FET can achieve a near optimum low noise figure @ 70mA of
bias....!!!! That is insane. I've never seen that before in all the
datasheets I've looked at. That means that it will have a really high IP3
(so really good at staying linear even with strong adjacent signals - no
overload and no IMD).

You can get a sub 0.5 dB NF with these baddies with over 25 dB of gain and
extremely good IMD performance. Quite possibly the best LNA ever...in fact,
these microwave boards are just that - LNAs for 10 Ghz.

Score !!!
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