[450] K1FSY Relay Switch

David McKenzie dmckenzie at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 21:30:31 EDT 2012


Here are some pictures of my relay switch. It is capable of switching
8 coaxial relays up to 500mA per output. The printed "shield" fits on
an arduino or any other pin-compatible microcontroller kit (maple

The buttons are connected to a single ADC input on the microcontroller
board, the outputs are connected to digital i/o pins. Should I choose
to add the other four channels to it I have the fifth button as a
"shift" so that i can switch the other four. The firmware outputs the
state over usb and also takes input, and it saves the switch state to
EEPROM so that it is saved when powered off.

The pictures are of it all wired up so there isnt much to see, but
here it is anyway.

Anywho, here's the link to the album:
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