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Bob n1ujs at toast.net
Tue Jun 28 22:05:12 EDT 2011

Good Evening Gentlemen,

After a ridiculously long time and even more ridiculous amount of effort, here are the results.

Some of you already saw the 222 and 50 mhz lists, and now the 144 mhz list is done....more or less.  I still have to go back and fill in some data, as I encountered unstable conditions and a variety of other issues (like machines at 30 over and no PL on clogging a frequency where I needed to collect info on weaker machines) which left a few gaps.  None the less there are a whopping 250 entries!!!

Essentially, these lists represent every possible machine on every possible "pair" that can be reached from my station under "flat" conditions (no enhancement, no degradation) with all the leaves on the trees.  Obviously leaf-less conditions would show better results, as would late night/early morning tests.

Test radio was the IC706MKIIG, and was done both "normal" (internal preamp on) represented by the first number, and "enhanced" (internal amp OFF, external amp ON) represented by the second number.  Obviously, for comparison purposes, for those of you without an external amp and a normal radio, compare your results to the first number.

Interesting to me was how well the little stick held it's own against the pair of yagis.  

My next step is to plot the signal points on a map (for each band), connect all like signal level dots, and get a visual representation of my signal footprint, it's shape and intensity.  It will be interesting to note the differences between the bands.

Okay, with no further ado, here is the link:


I hope this collection of data will be usefull to you all......

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