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 Hey Bob – send over to as many as you’d like – 73
ChrisAttached is the “voice” of the KB1RXA simplex
link on 144.950. Her name is Heather – she will be
heard with station ID and occasional WX and news
updates. There’s also a CW ID for the node. I will
send out an update on the CARA reflector when
everything is done. Right now I’ve encountered a
challenge in implementing IRLP; it has to do with the
way I “piggyback” access the Internet, but, I believe
we will find a solution. There are several ways I can
go. Right now the node is available as an RF link to
Echolink; you can access any Echolink node by simply
dialing the node number. Disconnect is #. That will
clear the node and allow you to connect anywhere.
Since setting this up about 2 weeks ago as a
provisional very simple “test” – I have had wonderful
QSOs into Taiwan, into New Zealand (mobile), Chile
(on the beach) Siberia, and a number of places. I
don’t know about you, but I suspect it will be
sometime (sun cycle willing and station improvements)
before I have an unrushed, hi-fidelity  QSO with a
mobile station in New Zealand! So please enjoy. I
believe the club has EchoIrlp capability, but, in the
interests of not tying things up across three bands,I
decided to build my own. Please enjoy and let me know
how it sounds.  Will be adding IRLP capability soon
and a VHF linear (primary reason is the preamp
enabling control from longer distance and ease of use
for local hams) 73, Chris KB1RXA      
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