[450] The radio has arrived...

John Foege john.foege at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 11:04:27 EST 2011

Hi all,

So after a long time crossing the pond (and an even longer time
sitting in German customs), I recieved a notice from the German
Zollamt (Customs Office), that my package looked like it had an
expensive Funkgerät (receiver/transmitter) inside of it, and that they
wanted money for it.

However, after a little bit of social engineering, the head of the
customs of office in Bad Hersfeld (where I live), with a wink and a
smile, said, "If send us an e-mail, letting us know, that the radio
has a value less than € 45 Euro, we will release it for shipment
without question". So, of course I said the damned thing was broken
and was only worth about 20 in parts! lol...

The ICOM 706 MK II G is finally here in Deutschland....now, I just
have to get my hands on / build a magnetic loop antenna and get my
German Amateurfunkschein (amateur radio license).

73s de KB1FSX

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