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HR 607 Threatens Amateur Spectrum 

We have a serious problem folks and your help is needed immediately. 
Peter King (R-NY) has introduced "Broadband for First Responders Act of 
2011" which has been assigned the number HR 607.  The bill discusses the 
creation and maintenance of a nationwide public safety broadband 
network.  The problem is that this bill, among its provisions, includes 
420-440 MHz, most of the 70 CM    Amateur band, as part of a spectrum 
swap.    In particular, the bill lists the paired bands of 420-440 MHz 
and 450-470 MHz among the bands to be reallocated for commercial 
auction within 10 years of its passage.  You can read all about the 
background of this bill at 

The bill is gathering support so you need to write as soon as possible. 
 If we don’t act now, we could lose these frequencies!  The threat is 

So this is what you need to do. 
Please contact your local representative asking them to oppose HR 607 
in its present form.  Here are some key points to remember when 
We all support the need for public safety and first responders to have 
an interoperable network and we support their need for frequencies in 
the “D-block” (700MHz range) but we oppose the inclusion of 
frequencies allocated to our service which we already share on a 
secondary basis with the governmental radiolocation services.  As you 
know, the 70-cm band is a critical resource for Amateur radio public 
service and emergency communications.     

To help you in this effort, please go to 
http://www.arrl.org/sample-letters where you will find         A sample 
letter opposing HR 607 in its present form, a link to the ARRL Webpage 
that gives you the contact information for your Members of Congress, 
and A link to information sending your letters to our Washington 
lobbyist to hand-deliver to Capitol Hill.   

We are advised not to use direct mail to Congress because of their 
security measures.  It is best to send your letters to the ARRL 
lobbyist who will hand deliver them. 

For your handy reference, here is this information for the lobbyist: 
Send letters addressed to your representative to: 
                                 John Chwat 
                                 Chwat & Co. 
                                 625 Slaters Lane 
                                 Suite 103 
                                 Alexandria, VA 22314 

By Fax - Send to: 703-684-7594 

You may also send a signed letter via email to:  arrl at chwatco.com. 

ARRL Web reports  “You can keep updated about this issue by checking 
the ARRL Web page and subscribing to the newly-created  ARRL 
Legislative Update Newsletter which will get you available information 
automatically.  Sign up by logging onto the ARRL website and select the 
‘Edit Your Profile’ link located at the top of each page. Once on 
that page, select the ‘Edit Email Subscriptions” tab and click on 
the box for ARRL Legislative Update.” The ARRL Legislative Update is 
prepared on an “as needed” basis to those who have opted-in to 
receive it.” 

I know you will each give this your prompt attention. 

Thank you. 

ARRL Connecticut Section 
Section Manager: Betsey M Doane, K1EIC 
k1eic at arrl.org 

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