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A lot of Hemlock needles to sweep up.  Before the blow I took 2 of the 3 sash weights off the end of my doublet wire rope....good thing too, with the trees blowing wildly the remaining sash would swing about 12ft up and then down to smack in the mud. That doublet would have broke like a 10 yr old high e string on Steve Vai's guitar.
Sorry about your mess Rich...Springtime is right around the corner.

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  So what kind of damage did everyone see from this latest storm?

  I lost my 10 meter beam, FM broadcast yagi, 6 meter vertical and I took down the radio shack scanner antenna because it was endangering the 2/440 Vertical. I can replace it later.

  Luckily when 4' tripod blew over it landed against the pine tree branches, which acted as a cushion. The only antenna that is probably destroyed is the FM Yagi. Everything else I managed to salvage and should be able to re-mount at some point.

  I almost blew off the roof when I went up to untangle everything! I probably should have waited till after the storm but I wanted to minimize the damage and get everything takien apart before it fell down completely. Bob you will be amused to know that the ladder blew down while I was on the roof, so I had to wait for my dad to come home. Luckily he only went out to get the paper.

  What a pain in the ass!


  "Et si omnes ego non " (even if all, not I)


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