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There are a few who are actively communicating on 223.500. I know that is the call frequency. Our use is intentional to determine if there are others in local range. As many of you are aware, the band has some interesting properties in terms of propagation. So get out your HT or whatever you have and join us. (I have a dipole on a stick that goes to the first responder needing some kind of antenna. It was outdoors in the snow and rain and worked with inherent limitations).

The intent is to start a net. The name will be the HLH net, short for the "Hairless, Lumpy Head" Net. Something everyone might find easy to remember! Why the bizarre name you ask? A couple of us have been having strange experiences with antennae. Raising antennae reducing signal strength as evidenced in simplex communication and repeater signal strength and completely loosing repeaters was/is the most perplexing issue. Thus the hairless result of pulling one's hair out, lumps from banging head on wall and RF exposure. OK, I am kidding about the RF exposure part. And no one really has become a hairless lumpy head over this.

So if enough people get on board, the idea is to move to 223.58 MHz for the net. As the .58 group continues to grow, the thought is to use 52.58, 146.58, 223.58 and 446.58 as frequencies to explore. Mode would be FM. 

Be listening on 223.50!


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