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If you got out of that alive -- that is all that matters !!
Who took the pic and when. was it taken on the road after the accident ?. I 
can't believe the condition. Looks allot like a radio after I finish tweaking it.


On 27 Feb 2009 at 12:47, John Foege wrote:

> picture of the saturn re-surfaces after all these years....
> This is what was left of my saturn after my accident in highschool. I
> managed to roll it at 70 mph. It proceeded to roll for an
> indeterminate amount of times (it was all a blur) and finally landed
> sideways across the road passenger side door down on the pavement.
> Thank god I was was wearing my seat-belt, otherwise i would have been
> complete toast. Anyway, I found myself hanging, belted into the
> drivers seat, which was now up 5 or 6 feet in the air. I kicked out
> the back window (I think) and crawled out, because all the doors where
> certainly crushed shut. Like I said, it's all very much a blur.
> I got out of the car, failing to realize the damage. Thought to
> myself, OH SHIT...but wait...maybe if I just push hard enough I can
> roll it back on it's wheels and go on my merry way...at least get it
> out of the road sideways. RIGHT! I failed to notice that running off
> the road into a grotto of boulders at 70 mph sheared the wheels in
> half, which can be seen in the picture.
> Then, the car suddenly caught fire. It burned like a mofo all the way
> to the tank and then exploded in a huge fireball. I knew then, that
> things were decidedly bad!
> Look at the mechanical carnage...
> Dave and I and everyone have been looking for this pic for 8 years. So
> I figured I'd share it.
> John
> PS
> Dave, my dad had it backed up somehow from years ago...who knew

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