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>   Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings to the list,
>    The 222 band has gotten a lot of attention lately.   First the 
> active thread on this reflector, concerning the ARRL survey 
> question.   Now the Jan 2010 issue of QST has the first review 
> of 1.25m gear since Nov 2003.   Talking about the positive 
> look at the Jetstream JT220M 222 MHz FM rig.   
>    Talk about ham radio is good, but action is better.   
>    Put this recent lift in 222 awareness to work.   Get on and 
> support 222 Tuesdays.   Spread the word, and get others you 
> know involved.   
>    222 Tuesday is a general activity night.   Get on/near 222.100 
> SSB/CW or 223.500 FM simplex if you lack SSB gear.   Call 
> CQ; create activity.    The 0100-0400Z hours have been active.  
>    The ARRL survey numbers show we certainly can use new 
> ops on 222 SSB/CW.   Make it a personal goal in 2010 to help 
> get new signals on this band.   Encourage veteran VHF'ers who 
> haven't stepped up to 222.   Reach out to the FM side and let 
> them know about the superior range on 222 SSB/CW.   This is 
> easily accomplished if many get involved.   When you're talking 
> about improving numbers on 222, even several dozen new ones 
> make a big difference.    
>     222 Tuesday was started this summer by N8WNA EN82 
> and KC8QAE EN91.   I thought it was a great idea and asked 
> if I could promote it.   That's how we've gotten to where we are.  
> How it goes in 2010 is up to every one of you reading this email.  
>     Thanks for your time, 73,
>     Todd  KC9BQA   EN63ao   40 N of Milwaukee
>    http://www.kc9bqa.com  For Frequent VHF/UHF Updates  
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